Regretting not going to MIT?

Do you every wish you could have gone to MIT? 

I don’t. I wouldn’t have been nearly intelligent enough. But how can I be so sure?  I’ve watched a number of the freshman streamed lectures.

MIT has this amazing service called Open Course Ware.

Interested in Physics? Watch the really entertaining first three semesters presented by Walter Lewin. How about Biology being taught by one of the central figures in the sequencing of the human genome?  

Perhaps other interests?  Enjoy.

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  1. Teresa on

    Well, I sat through the Introduction to Biology and had no trouble, but then I started my Academic career as a Biology/Chemestry double major.

  2. blc303 on

    I made through all the above lectures and finished my academic career as a Physics major with emphasis on Math, Chemistry and German. (Eclectic even then)

    But then I think, I would have been 18 and fresh out of high school trying to absorb this stuff at that rate. And it would have been costing about $30k a year (no pressure here).

    No. I don’t think so.

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