One Move and the Owl Gets It

It’s for posts like this that force me to read Wonkette every day. I’m still giggling.

Destroying Old Woodsy Owl Costumes – Guidelines

1. Incinerate the complete costume with the oversight of an official USDA Forest Service law enforcement officer*.

2. The entire Woodsy Owl costume including each of the separate pieces is to be destroyed beyond recognition.

* If you do not have access to an official USDA Forest Service law enforcement representative, arrangements will be made for dealing with your costume by contacting the USDA-FS Washington Office at:

Woodsy Owl
C/o National Symbols Program

Favorite quote?

Jesus, what do they think people are going to do with an old Woodsy Owl costume, use it in a porn video? (Actually, that would be awesome ….)  [My emphisis]

Just so you know what Wonkette is talking about, I present 

Furries. This subculture has been much maligned, mocked, and misunderstood. The first image people seem to get are people going at it in animal costumes… [Probably Definitely NSFW]

Maligned, mocked, and misunderstood they may be, but at least they don’t try to burn Woodsy the Owl costumes.

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