Girls Just Wanna Sing Hate Songs (updated)

[Update: News as of June 2007 can be found here. (Hi Sweden ;-)]

Remember the Girl Band Racist Hate Singers Prussian Blue? This would be Lamb and Lynx Gaede who enjoy playing white supremacist meetings. Well they’re baaaaack in the news.

According the Great Falls Tribune, they moved from Bakersfield, California to Kalispell,

The arrival of a white nationalist family, including 14-year-old twins who perform music as the group Prussian Blue, has prompted neighbors to distribute fliers that say, “No hate here.”

Lamb and Lynx Gaede, their mother April and stepfather Mark Harrington moved to Kalispell from Bakersfield, Calif., which was “not white enough,” April Gaede told ABC’s “Primetime” in a show that aired last fall.

For some reason, the residents of Kalispell didn’t find this form of ‘nice place to live’ marketing particularly amusing. Equally oddly the Gaedes were surprised by the reaction, the distribution of fliers, felt harassed and (as good new neighbors would) complained to the police. The police simply informed the Gaedes that this was well within freedom of speech rights and they’ll have to live with it. (A little like the hate songs the girls sing but we won’t go into that.)

Not mentioned in the article or any other blog entries I’ve read about this bunch is the connection between the name Prussian Blue and holocaust denial. Holocaust deniers claim that there couldn’t have been any gas chambers in Auschwitz because the walls of the chambers aren’t colored blue. Why should they be blue? A standard reaction between cyanide and iron (in the bricks used to build the chamber) is usually called Prussian blue. Holocaust deniers have been saying for years, “No blue brick, ho holocaust.” Of course this claim is silly because
a) the interiors of the gas chambers were painted and the cyanide couldn’t reach the bricks well and
b) because the gas concentrations used in the gas chambers were far too low to have the kinds of effects the deniers would like to see.
c) any marginal blue coloring would have long since weathered away because the gas chambers were blown up shortly before the end of the war.

But a real girl band doesn’t allow trivial things like facts or taste stand in the way of a skyrocketing career. Now if they could only find somewhere to live. Might I recommend under a rock? On the moon?

Hat tip: David Schraub/Moderate Voice and Eugene Volokh

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  1. Mary on

    These uneducated little girls are the kind who give White’s a bad reputation. Is’t it bad enough that many minorities view whites as being
    a bunch of self righteous hypocrites who have committed and continue to committ the most violent acts in America. We will always been seen as a bunch of hateful insensitive people, this foolishness makes me sick to my stomach. Are we that stupid that we are incapable of learning from our horrible history.

    With Deep Sorrow,

  2. abi on

    i hate u
    i’m black and i wish u would die and go to hell
    have a merry christmas, may god curse i kill u

  3. abi on

    so sryi hate u
    we all do
    all blacks hate u
    may god curse and kill u and i sincerly hope u die and burn in hell.
    merry christmas , member, i would kill dem twins if dey wouldnt lock me up:-)
    best regards, lol(ur right, burn in hell)

  4. Teresa on

    Hey Ben!

    The illiterate psychos have found you!

    You’ve taken a bump up in the white-supremicist teenagers pretending to be black racists demographic.

    woo hoo?

  5. blc303 on

    I know. I’m psyched!

    Really. You know you’re writing appropriate material when someone takes the time to write something that inanely stupid. That’s why I left them.

    I. Have. Arrived!

  6. Teresa on

    Sad Trees has mopey-face now.

    I talk all SORTS of trash about Prussian Blue. Hells, I think I may have gotten YOU started on them, and I’m not gettin’ any of the love.


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  8. Sarah on

    I have never been so disgusted in my entire life after hearing about this group. It makes me sick to my stomache knowing that this band exists in this world today.

  9. tine on

    can someone do something? its sick

  10. […] a Little Blue Posted July 20, 2007 As part of my continuing documentation of the girl teen band – hate group. Prussian Blue, I found out they were the […]

  11. Terry Washington on

    Personally the twins seem pitiable more than anything else. The real villains in this piece are their mother/stepfather who are indoctrinating them into extreme racism. Where’s their biological father- why doesn’t he sue for custody as his girls are arguably being subjected to a form of child abuse by having their heads stuffed with Neo-nazi propaganda?

  12. blc303 on

    The biological father did try to get custody. He unfortunately lost the court battle. See here.

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