Up in a Lather about Brothel

Todays Spiegel-Online (in German) has a short piece about a city irritated by a proposed mega-bordello in a historical mill.

The problem is that, after years of searching, the historical commission finally found an investor willing to renovate the historical grain mill in the city. The hitch – the investor plans on making a mega-brothel (approximately 40 prostitutes) out of the mill. It gets worse. The historical commission is planning on supporting the renovation with about €250,000. This doesn’t seem to sit very well with all the citizens in the community.

“There are already more than enough sex services in Weinheim” according to Hans Bayer, former judge and founder of a citizens group [opposing the brothel]. He points to “six brothels, two swinger-clubs, S&M dominatrix (dominatricies?) and various homosexual parking lots [parkplätze].”

Most of my American readers might find this rather surprising. After many years of allowing prostitution to exist more or less in the shadows of society, Germany recognised prostitution as a legitimate profession in 2002. Even before that, prostitution was allowed (and to some extent regulated) in most areas of Germany.

There were a number of reasons for moving prostitution from ‘something women did for money’ to being a recognised profession. Most important for the German government was that it eased taxation. (Something near and dear to any government’s heart, Oh, wait they don’t have hearts.) On a more social level it allowed prostitutes protection on several levels. They now qualify for normal health insurance. They can also sue for wages earned.

On the down side, it appears the number of sex slaves imported from Eastern Europe, Asia and South America has increased in recent years. Whether this is due to the change in regulations or due to the reduction of travel limitations is difficult to tell. Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer got his hand slapped before the last elections because the restrictions on travel visas from Belarus (White Russia) were too lax. This supposedly lead to a storm, nay a flood, of women coming to Germany to work in brothels and strip-joints. Still human trafficking is an increasing problem and there really doesn’t seem to be many solutions. Read a really long rant article about legalizing prostitution and human trafficking here.

Of course,  if you feel all this uncontrolled sexuality is slowly pushing the world toward the apocalypse or perhaps  ‘The Third Awakening‘,  that’s your right. You might think of it this way. If the world does finally collapse in an apocalyptic spasm because of all the evil Germans (the Dutch, etc., etc.), well, they are just bringing you closer to your maker – um – designer.

So the next time you hear about an evil, broadcast wardrobe malfunction, remember, it could be much, much worse; it could be state supported brothels in historical buildings.

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