Slate Reviews Junk (Food)

After reading Dan Kois’ article review of pre-made school meals, I think there’s a real market for custom catered school lunches. Oh, it would cost more than the evil mass-made stuff, but nothing is too good for those future Masters of the Universe. Right?

And of course we all have spent time wondering which mothers have time or money to supply their kids with Bento. (Oh! Look! Pictures!)

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  1. Teresa on


    Mini Corn Dogs
    Tater Tots
    canned peaches
    and over-cooked canned peas

    isn’t a healthy lunch???!!!???

    What great American Insitution will you attack next, you mad man?


  2. blc303 on

    >What great American Insitution will you attack
    >next, you mad man?

    Um – Flags, Apple Pie, Baseball…

    Gimme time. I’m new to this.

  3. Teresa on

    Oh, sorry, I see you were not criticising the Hot Lunches provided by the schools, but instead, the pre-packaged lunches the parents send because the school lunches tend to be so vile the kids won’t eat them.

    I compromised by insisting that my children not be picky eaters, so they eat the school lunches, and then compensate with two actually healthy meals for the rest of the day.

    (no, I DO NOT BENTO) That’s just psycho.

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