Congratulations to Anousheh Ansari!

Just a quicky.

According to the NYT,  Anousheh Ansari has launched from the space port in Baikonur becoming the worlds first female space tourist.

I first heard of Ms Ansari when she and her familiy donated $10 million dollars to the former X-Prize. The prize was renamed the Ansari X Prize and was given to the first company to launch a reuseable spacecraft into space (not orbit) twice in two weeks. This was won by the SpaceShipOne team led by Burt Rutan, a well known aerospace designer and funded by Paul Allen, investor, philanthropist and former Microsoftie.

I’d just like to congratulate Anousheh Ansari both for her commitment to space travel and her success at becoming the first female space tourist.

BTW. I’m not a real fan of manned space fight, but this is lady has done a lot to help poplularize space science.

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