Reality-based thinkin’? We don’ need no stinkin’ reality-based thinkin’

Noah Shachtman has a scary post up about the current state of the military. Most of the post is a quote from a document from one of Nancy Pelosi’s  aides. (And no he doesn’t like Ms Pelosi much either. *shutter*) Congressmen Dave Obey and John Murtha.

This is my problem with non-reality based politicos. The Bush administration has chosen to ignore facts and create reality. The only problem is that the real reality has a tendency to come back and bitch slap those that try this. I’d be cool with that if only Bush, Rummy, Donny and Co. were involved. Unfortunately they have almost 3,000 dead and over 17,000 American injured to account for. The numbers of Iraqi casualties both civilian and military have never been really tallied.

Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and William Kristol chose to ignore reality when creating PNAC ( Without ever having served, they think you can walk in to a country, kick ass and walk out again. Unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. There was to be no post conflict planning, no long term commitments, no long term support. Walk in, get the flag waved and leave. The military knew it wouldn’t work. But in the military, unless you want to leave, you’re going to do the best you can with the orders you have. You just try to get the job done with what’s there.

Now, it appears, the US military is slowly reaching the end of it’s rope. Will this hang Rummy? No, because by the time the damage becomes unmistakable, he will have left his post. If a Democat gets elected president in 2 years, the Republicans will probably point to the bad shape the military is in . (AKA break something, look innocent and point to the ass donkey standing next to you.)

All this adds up to a simple equation:
Bad Planning + Good Execution = Up sh*t creek without a paddle

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