Bacon. Cat. Bacon on the Cat…

Some people will do anything to procrastinate. John Scalzi, science fiction author (and cat owner), has raised this to an art form.

It all started when he put a To-Do list up on his blog. Somewhere after the entries ‘Fight Crime’ and ‘Eat cheese,’ he mentioned he needed to ‘tape bacon to cat.’ This ill advised entry led, as some people might have guessed, indeed to a cat being taped to bacon. (or the other way around, I forget).

In order to prove to those on Hte Internets, Mr Scalzi published photos of said cat with bespoke tape shortly after the original post.  This photographic evidence, which could possibly be used in a court of law, was interspersed with the transcript of the the obligitory ‘ask wife for permission first’ telephone call.

Me [John Scalzi](to Krissy[The Wife]): So, would you mind if I tape bacon to the cat?
Krissy: That’s a fairly interesting question. What’s the purpose here?
Me: I put taping bacon to the cat on a list of things I said I was going to do today and people seemed to be skeptical.
Krissy: You said you were going to tape bacon to the cat on the Whatever.
Me: Yeah.
Krissy (audible sigh): Since you are going to do it, and take a picture of it, all I ask is that you take the bacon off right after. All right?
Me: Okay.
Krissy: You’re a strange, strange, strange man.

The results are already blogging and internet history.

Well, time to stop –um – procrastinating. And no I’m not even going to think of putting up a To Do list.

Hat tip, Chad Orzel at Uncertain Priniples 

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