The Everwatchful Cyberelves at the Washington Post

Defining Moments in Blogging #1:

  1. Finally decide to start blog
  2. Write snarky comment about the color story in Washington Post, linking to same.
  3. They. Link. Back!

Is it just me or do you find that odd?

I mean what criteria are they using? Do those poor cyberelves troll the Net searching for new blogs using the full words “Washington Post” just to raise the new blogs page hits, thereby creating a weird loyalty/enslavement thing with the new blogger? Was I the only person on the planet with a comment on that story? Oh sure, Techocrati and all that, but really – what were they smoking? What do cyberelves eat anyway? (Can I manage to do it again? *evil grin*)

By the way, if you are a female cyberelf – drop me a line, I’d like an interview. (Mallelves need not apply.)


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  1. […] Remember my Defining Moments in Blogging #1, when the Washington Post linked to me for the first time? Have you been wondering why I almost always write out ‘The Washington Post’ in full instead of using the far more finger friendly WP? […]

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