It’s not the flying I worry about…

Interestingly, in 2004, 9 years after Timothy McVeigh destroyed the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, New York City police officers conducted a test to see if they could assemble and build a build a truck bomb big enough to blow up a skyscraper.

They seem to have succeeded. It cost  about $7000 to purchase enough fertilizer to produce a bomb.

From the WP story on this

Falkenrath, a former national security aide for the Bush administration, criticized Congress and the White House for failing to seek strict regulations on the sale of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a key ingredient in the bomb used in the attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

“It has become commonplace to ask why, five years after Sept. 11, certain security enhancements have not been implemented,” he said, according to a copy of his prepared remarks provided by the police department. “In this case, the question is, why has nothing been done about ammonium nitrate more than 10 years after the Oklahoma City bombing?”

Still, the plan might not have been a complete success. Apparently one of the NY distributors got suspicious and reported the purchase to the Feds. They looked into it and were told of the NYPD undercover operation. Of course the more openly published successes the Justice Department and the Bush administration keep showing leaves one wondering which direction the federal government investigates. (What happened to the Brain-Dead Club in Florida anyway?)

Hat Tip to Noah Schachtman over at DefenseTech, always an excellent read.

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