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 One of the issues I feel very strongly about is homelessness. I have been reading The Homeless Guy for several months and he has posted a current exchange from someone who criticises him.

I’d like to weigh in on the issue here.

One of the criticisms deals with his technological status. As society becomes more and more high tech, it should surprise no one but the sheltered rich that technology is available to lower and lower income brackets. Reading Kevin I find his explanation as to the origins of his ‘hardware’ to be perfectly realistic. Even if he didn’t have direct access to his own laptop, he would be able blog using publicly available internet connections. He did just that in the early days of the blog.

Does he help put homeless issues in front of people who are otherwise not exposed to them? Yes. Is he indicative of the average homeless guy? Probably not. Kevin is both intelligent and dedicated. This is not true of all homeless individuals. If I were to guess, Kevin has spent more time running from success then trying to achieve it. I suspect that is part of his make-up, not all people have the ability and drive to succeed. Kevin’s ability pushes up, his ‘issues’ push down. The result can be followed on his blog.

I, for one, will continue to follow his writings and hope to post more on this issue in future blogs.

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  1. Phil on

    Your comment “Kevin’s ability pushes up, his ‘issues’ push down” really hit home. This certainly describes many homeless and homed people. It certainly describes me. It may be that Kevin is only a messenger by setting himself up to be the lightning rod for human frailty. I find his publication of his imperfections and accomplishments enlightening, and helpful to me.

    I have continuously read Kevin’s blog for about three years, and even donated a few coins to him. I would like for others to do the same, because he has forced me to look at myself.

    Thanks for this. Your comment takes the intellectualism out of human frailty, and replaces it with a fresh dose of pragmatism.

  2. nicole on

    When our eyes are opened the realities those that are less fortunate than us face, we are motivated to bring change. Turning that motivation into actions can be difficult. But there’s a brand new website that enables you to find local organizations that you can volunteer at and millions of places to send donations to.

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    Don’t Almost Give. Give.

    Sometimes it helps to be reminded to…
    · Give your used books to a local school or organization that can help under-privileged children.
    · Start an office carpool. Save gas, money and get to know your coworkers.
    · On your way to the store, ask a homebound or elderly neighbor if there is anything you can pick up for them.
    · Give gently worn home furnishings or appliances to a needy person or organization.
    · Lead by example; wear a bicycle helmet.
    · Change your car’s air filter, and improve your gas mileage significantly.
    · Take warm clothes, blankets or food to a homeless person that you cross paths with.
    · Let staff know of spills or other dangerous conditions in their restaurant or store.
    · Defend others; speak up when you hear someone use a racist remark, whether it’s a family member, neighbor, co-worker, friend or stranger.

  3. blc303 on

    For those who think the above is a spam, I might agree.

    However looks like a legitimate organisation supported by the AdCouncil. Thus I leave the comment. I also agree with all of the suggestions thus I stays.

    Check it out.

  4. nicole on

    Don’ is a creation of the Ad Council that wasn’t funded by a non-profit like other campaigns. Ad Council has picked up all costs.

    “But we felt that this was bigger than one organization and wanted to benefit the entire non profit community. Our hope is that by stimulating giving, all boats will rise.” (

  5. judy Coiteux on

    I was wondering if you have an organization in Portland, Oregon area that I could contact about giving a television set. I do want to be able to give it personally to the recipient so that I can be sure a really deserving individual gets it. Please let me know. I hope I am using this website correctly. Thank you.

  6. blc303 on

    Hello Judy,

    Neither I nor Kevin Barbeiux are part of an organization. I often blog about homeless issues because it is something I feel very strongly about. Therefore I can’t really help you directly.

    I was wondering if you have an organization in Portland, Oregon area that I could contact about giving a television set. I do want to be able to give it personally to the recipient so that I can be sure a really deserving individual gets it. Please let me know. I hope I am using this website correctly. Thank you.

    You might think about contacting the
    Make a Wish
    which is a group devoted to fulfilling the wishes of severely ill or handicapped children. There are also a number of homeless shelters in Portland who you might contact. Even if they can’t directly help you, I’m sure one might be able to find you an appropriate outlet.

    I wish you luck finding someone who needs your television.

  7. Paula on

    I ran across your ad on TV, and was wondering how I can be of some type of help, or my time? I know that some people no matter how hard they try they still may need a little help in some way or another. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    Paula Unverfehrt

  8. henry leite on

    I heard the this website name on radio; ireally would like to help where i can; its ashame that we have so little help for homeless people in this great country we need to do more!!!!

  9. kporwwhy paye on

    i heard about this website on the radio and wanted to get involved about helping people in any way i can. There’s been times I’ve almost give and would like to change that to actually givng instead of just thinking about it.

  10. chell on

    when you give in whatever form, it’s saying you are thankful to our highest power in the hole universe who is our heavenly Father.when you give of yourself, you’re being thankful for all the many little blessings our Father God, has bestowed upon you.The simple things in life is what matters most.the very air we breathe.the clothes on our bodies.the food we eat.the shelter over our heads.our that smile you share to the next person can make a huge difference in someone’s don’t hesitate GIVING is a wonderful way of saying thanks Father God,for loving me.then giving becomes a natural part of life.and not a struggle.peace out!

  11. blc303 on

    Dude, Chell out!

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